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Welcome to the International PFO Consortium



Invitation to the European PFO Summit

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It is our great pleasure to invite you to Zurich, Switzerland for the European Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) Summit to be held on October 18, 2013. Organized by the International PFO Consortium in cooperation with the Institute for Medicine and Communication (IMK) AG, the summit aims at bringing together neurologists, interventional cardiologists, cardio- and neurovascular ultrasound technologists, and other specialist sharing a common interest in diagnostic, treatment and prevention of patients with stroke and PFO. Please click here to visit the conference page and register. We are looking forward to seeing you in Zurich very soon!


2011 - A successful year

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We started out in January 2011 with thirteen centers participating at the International PFO Consortium. Now, 11 month later, eighteen hospitals and stroke centers from five countries are engaged in the study. The International PFO Consortium was newly joined by the cantonal hospital of Aarau (Switzerland), the Ammerlandklinik in Westerstede (Germany), the university hospitals in Girona (Spain) and in Ghent (Belgium) and the Mercy Hospital St. Louis (USA).

We welcome the new members to the PFO Consortium and are proud of the further internationalization of the study. Presently, there are close to 700 patients enrolled in the database. We're looking forward to an equally successful 2012 and hope for many more interested hospitals and stroke centers to join the study.


Welcome to 2013!

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The International PFO Consortium is entering its 6th year! In the past year the consortium was joined by another center in Belgium - making it have 18 active centers.  The study database is soon reaching one thousand enrolled patients. The ratio of closures versus medical treatments is currently 45/55. The study ends with the enrollment of 1500 patients or by the end of 2015.

In 2013, from January 31 to February 1, the PFO Consortium will present its preliminary results at the Swiss Stroke Trialists' Meeting in St. Gallen. In the upcoming summer the Consortium is planning an international stroke summit in Basel, Switzerland.

We wish to all our centers and our partners a successful year!



Looking Back on the Scientific Symposium

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Zurich, August 26, 2011 - A scientific symposium was held by the International PFO Consortium in the Triemli Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland. A wide range of speakers presented different perspectives of the subject of PFO.

The symposium was opened by a talk by PD Dr. Patrik Michel from CHUV Lausanne on "PFO as a risk factor for stroke: to close or not to close?".

PD Dr. David Kurz from Triemli Hospital Zurich broached the issue of "Thrombin- and factor Xa- antagonists for prevention of cardioembolic stroke: a treatment option for patients with PFO?".

Followed by Prof. Franz Eberli from Triemli Hospital Zurich who asked the question: "PFO closure: a matter of experience and skill?".

After lunch, Prof. Krassen Nedeltchev from Triemli Hospital Zurich and principal investigator of the Int. PFO Consortium gave a brief update about the ongoing study of the International PFO Consortium.

Prof. Bernhard Meier from the Swiss Cardiovascular Center Bern informed about "Ongoing Trials on PFO Closure using the Amplatzer Occluder".

The event was closed with a guest lecture by Mrs. Bray Patrick-Lake, President of the US-based PFO Research Foundation, discussing "The PFO conundrum from the perspective of an American patient".

The International PFO Consortium is glad to have welcomed an interested audience and so many high level speakers on the subject of PFO.

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